Brandon McPhee Band - Play The Music of Sir Jimmy Shand



The Brandon McPhee Band play the music of Sir Jimmy Shand - and they do so superbly! Not only is Brandon a worthy winner of the covetted Jimmy Shand Shield but he also plays the very first Hohner Shand Morino to come off the production line 70 years ago! He and the band have been touring a show "The Jimmy Shand Story" around theatres and this recording is music from that show.

It includes lots of great tracks made famous by the one and only Jimmy Shand including the one that reached the singles chart and sold over a million copies - The Bluebell Polka.

Tracks: Six Twenty Two Step;  Lady Elgin of Broomhall/Lord Elgin of Broomhall ; The Agnes Waltz; John Macdonald's March; Lass O' Patties Mill/Davy Nick-Nack/Deveron Reel; Auld Scots Mither Mine; Bill Black of Stanley/Arlene Bowie/Jim Money; Dr Ross's 50th Welcome to Argyllshire Gathering/Dundee City Police Pipe Band; Whistling Rufus; Lunan Bay/Lady Angela Alexander/It's Grand Among Your Ain Folk; Cameron Highlanders/Australian Ladies; Memories of Willie Snaith; Shuffling Samuel; Jimmy Shand the Legend; Bonnie Dundee/Midlothian Pipe Band/I Lo'ed Nae Lassie But Ain; Auchtermuchty Gala March; A Welcome Christmas Morning; St Andrew's Parade/Harveston Castle/Breadablane Reel/Bobby Watson; The Bluebell Polka.

The band is made up of Brandon on his precious Hohner Shand Morino, vocals and acoustic guitar, Alastair MacDonald on second accordion, Manson Grant on piano, bass and backing vocals, Phil Anderson on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, and Robert Cameron on drums.

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