Brandon McPhee - All I Want To Do



All I Want To Do is another sensational CD from the talented young musician Brandon McPhee. Despite his young age he has a full rich voice perfectly suited to the Country songs, and his accordion playing is legendary. 

Tracks: Bubbles In My Beer; On The Road To Loving Me Again; Someday, Somewhere, Somehow; She Wrote It In A Country Song; Jean's Reel / High Level / President Garfield; We Should Be Together; The Dark Island; Jimmy Shand The Legend; Give My Love To Rose; Achy Breaky Heart; You Gave Me A Mountain; Cameron Highlanders / Australian Ladies; Take These Wings; Little Bit Rusty.

Brandon McPhee plays a Hohner Shand Morino, sings lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar and even drums, so hardly needs a band, but is joined by the fine musicians; Phil Anderson on electric & acoustic guitars, bass, and backing vocals, Alastair MacDonald on second accordion, Manson Grant on piano, bass, strings, flute, and backing vocals, Richard Nelson on steel guitar and dobro, Gordon Gunn and Addie Harper on fiddle, and Robert Cameron on drums. With extra backing vocals from Keith MacLeod, Celeste Clabburn, Crawford Bell, and Carrie & Leanne (Benn Sisters).

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