Bobby Murray - Scottish Country Dance Music "The Odds"



His "one man band" accordion sound has made him a great favourite at the dances around the States, as the electronic wizardry of his box can provide a full band sound from just the one instrument. Here he plays for fifteen Scottish Country dances.

Reel 4x48; Jig 3x32; Medley 48S/48R; Reel 2x48; Jig 1x88; Waltz Country Dance; Reel 5x32; Strathspey 1x80; Jig 6x32; Reel 1x80; Medley 4x16S/16R; Reel 1x120; Strathspey 6x16; Jig 8x40; Medley 32S/32R.

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Scottish virtuoso accordionist / vocalist hailing from Lanarkshire, Scotland, Bobby Murray has been performing internationally for more than four decades.

Bobby started his musical career as a teenager, entertaining with his band from
Aberdeenshire to the County of Caithness on the north coast of Scotland.

In 1978 while performing Nova Scotia with his band "The Highland Line", Bobby
was enchanted by the beauty and music of Cape Breton. It soon became his home as he continued performing solo throughout the maritime provinces. 

Bobby is an award winning composer, arranger and author, with a very long and distinguished list of recordings, compositions and accomplishments. In 1997 he began to tour the US where his "one man band" sound has made him a
favorite from coast to coast.

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