Bobby Frew Four - The Edinburgh Castle Reel



The Edinburgh Castle Reel CD has been released to honour the memory of Bobby Frew who was a dedicated player of Scottish Country dance music for five decades. He left Ayr in Scotland in 1957, emigrating to London, Ontario. He played with dance bands there, usually with Stan Hamilton on piano. His most famous line-up was for the band The Flying Scotsmen.

In 1979 he formed his own band which developed into The Bobby Frew Four, and it is this band that was recorded with special guest Ian Powrie, the fiddle maestro. Nine tracks all for well-known Scottish Country Dances.

The Edinburgh Castle Reel; Roaring Jelly; John McAlpin; J.B. Milne; The Starry-Eyed Lassie; The Anniversary; The Luckenbooth Brooch; From The Broomielaw; The Australian Ladies.

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