Bob McQuillen, Jane Orzechowski & Deanna Stiles - Old New England



Contra Dance Music with Bob McQuillen's famous 'boom-chuck' piano style, Jane's fiddle and Deanna's flute. Lots of the tunes are Bob's own, which sit very well alongside traditional and other contemporary composer's contributions.

"No one surpasses McQuillen when it comes to composing the quintessential contradance tune". The Recorder.

Scotty O'Neil; Bill's Reel; Melissa's Waltz; Derek's Jig; Kanaly's Hornpipe; Kanaly's Hornpipe; Ms. Hathaway's Jig; Visit To Sandy; Jane's Hambo; The Canote Men's Bramble; The Kitchen; Eugene O' Donnell; President Clinton's Hornpipe; Jack And Connie's Jig; Vampire Reel; Heavens To Betsy; Francis' Hornpipe; The JB-JB Waltz.

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