Bob Davenport & The Rakes - Red Haired Lad



Experience forty years of Irish music mastery with Bob Davenport & The Rakes' "Red Haired Lad"! This CD is stuffed to the brim with toe-tapping dance sets, traditional tunes, soulful songs, and guaranteed tear-jerkers, all featuring the fine fiddles and button box of The Rakes. Get your hands on a piece of musical history!

"with lashings of joy and sorrow and ensemble playing to die for." The Living Tradition Magazine.

The Blarney Stone; I Am A Rambling Man; Druham City; Greenwich Park/The Red Haired Lad; Come All Ye Tramps & Hawkers; A Begging I Will Go; Hallelujah I'm A Bum; The Star Of The Country Down; Bonny At Morn/My Bonny Lad; The Close Of An Irish Day/Wild Hills Of Wannies; The Bells Of Rhymney/Johnny Miner; Moving Day; Kerry Polka/I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue; I'll Make My Way To Liverpool; Gan Nae Mair A Roving; Dorans Ass; Wild Wild Whisky; The Wealthy Squire; An Collen Deas; The Green Banks Of Yarrow; Three Around Three; A Young Man Came To My Daddys Door; The Stone Outside Dan Murphys; Goodbye Mick; I Wish They'd Do It Now.

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