Blair Douglas - Leanaidh Mi (I Will Follow)



Experience the power of the Gaelic language with Blair Douglas' "Leanaidh Mi (I Will Follow)"! This wonderful album features 6 Gaelic songs and 7 instrumentals, all self-penned and sung by Cathie Ann MacPhee, Kathleen MacInnes, Kathleen Graham, and Iain Smith. Delight in the beauty of music and the culture of Scotland in this highly recommended album!

Leanaidh Mi (I Will Follow); The Heaven Taught Ploughman; Gaol A Chiobair (The Shepherd's Love); An Tobar Bhinn (The Musical Well); Reiteach Moir Bhain (Marion's Wedding); The Ryman Waltz; Am Piobaire Misgeach (The Drunken Piper); Traigh Iar (Western Shore); Mo Ghaol-sa Diomhair (My Secret Love); The Fiddler's March; Barraigh Ghradhach (Beloved Barra); Albert Lee's Welcome To The Isle Of Skye; Kate Martin's Waltz.

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