Blair Douglas - Italian Chapel Suite



Inspired by the beautiful Italian Chapel in Orkney Blair Douglas composed this suite of original songs and tunes. Mainly simple arrangements for fiddle and harp, or bagpipes, or a choral piece sung by the Mayfield Singers they are all totally fitting tributes to the incredible achievement of faith that is the Italian Chapel.

Musicians include Blair himself on accordion, Jessica Burton on harp, Alastair Savage on violin, Elizabeth Savage on viola, Linda Hamilton on Cello, David Griffiths on flute and the Kirkwall Pipe Band!

Orcadian Welcome; Regina Pacis (Queen Of Peace); On This Rock; La Stella Della Speranza (The Star Of Hope); Chiocchetti's Waltz; St Catherine's Tears; Sunset On The Flow; Orcadian Salute To Camp 60; Little Iron Heart (Palumbi's Love); Jesu, Jesu, Prega Per Noi (Jesus Pray For Us); Lambholm Addio (Lambholm Farewell), St Mary's. 

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