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Blair Douglas was a founding member of the band Runrig, and has penned some of the most incredible tunes to come out of Scotland including "Kate Martin's Waltz" and "Nelson Mandela's Welcome To Glasgow". A native of the Island of Skye he draws inspiration from it's traditional musical heritage along with that of many other cultures. Always inspiring! 

Glasgow The Caring City; Moscardini's Salute; Maighstir Seamus MacNeil/Niall MacNeil Of Leanish/The Maestro's March; The Vital Spark; The Poet's Lament; John Nicolson's March To Freedom/The Leper's Bell/Kenny MacDonald Of Cromwell Street; Lorna Kay; The Doctor's Dream/Clarence The Conqueror/Pierre's Salute To The South Uist Guards; Michael Marra; Bon Ton Ceilidh; Marion Douglas' Waltz; Beneath The Wings Of Grace; Laoich Festubert (Heroes Of Festubert).

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