Battlefield Band - Zama Zama: Try Your Luck



Zama Zama: Try Your Luck is an album of songs and tunes in typical Battlefield Band style, but all based around the concepts of greed, corruption and economic collapse!! The band line up now is Alan Reid (keyboards), Mike Katz (pipes etc), Alasdair White (fiddles) and Sean O'Donnell (guitar).

The Mines Of Golkonda; The Auchengeich Disaster; Ku'ula-kai; Robber Barons; Bernie's Welcome To Butner; Uamh An Oir (Cave Of Gold); Ballarat Jig; Three Brothers; For Two Friends; Greenland's Icy Waters; Black Ruairidh's; Baile An Or (Gold Town); Plain Gold Ring; The Pretty Apron.

"This album started as a collection of songs and tunes about gold. But as we searched, like the alchemists of old, it turned into a wider idea. In the process we saw the greed, disasters and victories inherent in the search and exploitation of various sources of wealth in this world.

Then, as if by demonic serendipity, along comes the worldwide economic crisis. We watched the major banks, insurance companies and Hedge Funds etc., implode, discrediting the entire financial system and many of its managers and advisers - But there was still more to come. We, in Britain, could only stand and watch aghast as many, (too many) Members of Parliament, and the House of Lords at Westminster, `the Mother of Parliaments' were exposed for their cynical misuse of the expenses system, often amounting to fraud.

As we put this album together we have been amazed, angered, depressed and hilariously horrified. .

We have given notes about the background of each track, but you can find much more on the Internet if you dig further. Who knew about the Zama Zama Boys? Seek out Ku'ula-kai, the Hawaiian God of Fish; or the extraordinary folklore and history of Chocolate? We will leave you to mine these stories for yourselves.

But, Battlefield are musicians and singers, not politicians, so we offer you songs old and newly composed, including a Nina Simone song 'Plain Gold Ring'."

Great music and song highlighting the `wealth' of a dynamic tradition. As always with Battlefield Band, they produce Contemporary Scottish music 2000 years in the making.

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