Battlefield Band - Dookin'



At the time of releasing this album the Battlefield Band had been going for thirty years and were still going strong. The line-up of fiddle, pipes, whistles, accordion, bouzouki, guitar, keyboard, and bass between the 4 members gives plenty of options for arrangements for the songs and tunes.

"No tricks, no gimmicks Just very fine music". MOJO

Dookin' For Beetroot; I'm Going To Set You Free; Och' Is Duine Is Truagh Mi; My Luv's Like A Red Red Rose; Song For Selangor; Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Fair; The Ballad Of Accounting; Ton Bale Leon Braz; Cillephaedair; Gathering Storm; The Blue Lagoon; Allan McLean; Paddy Maloney's Welcome To Scotland.

Under their banner Forward with Scotland's Past this iconic band have been distilling their own unique version of Scottish spirit, and bottling it in the world's concert halls, and on disc, for more than 30 years.

"...poetry in motion. The public saw the true value of the Scottish tradition, in their hands." LA PRESSE DE LA MANCHE - France

"A wondrous, perfectly paced display by musicians firmly in control of their art. The Band chemistry is uncanny...the best Battlefield Band ever" WASHINGTON POST- Nov 2006

• DOOKIN' is the Scots word for what you do at hallowe'en - as in 'dookin' for apples' and that is just what Battlefield Band have been doing for all these years - Dookin' into the great pool of Scottish (and Irish) music and song. Indeed they have added to that pool with songs and tunes of their own, to the delight of all. After 30 years, and nearly as many solo and Band albums, what can you say? There is always a continuity from one album to the next but, from this band of virtuoso and creative musicians, there is always, always something new and surprising. Newly discovered and self penned songs and tunes -guests invited, not for their celebrity, but for their musicianship, - new instruments and sounds.

ALAN REID - keyboards/ accordion/ vocals
MIKE KATZ- highland & smallpipes/ whistles/ bass/ 'dancing shoes'
ALASDAIR WHITE - fiddle/ whistles/ bazouki
SEAN O'DONNELL - guitar/ vocals

All four are steeped in their living tradition and are proud to have played their part in the great cultural revival, that has seen an outward looking, confident, and independent Scotland. While not taking themselves too seriously they are serious about their music. Joyful, raucous, moving, angry. contemplative it is, most importantly, accessible to all.

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