Barbara Dymock and Christine Kydd - Sinsheen



Two great voices in harmony with potent re-workings of trad Scottish material plus contemporary songs from Scotland and beyond. 

Christine Kydd, award winning singer and guitarist, is known for her work with Janet Russell & Chantan.

Barbara Dymock, the original singer with Ceolbeg, regarded as one of the finest singers around, has worked with Fon A Bhord and Palaver.

Together their symbiotic vocal fusion brings light, life and lift to their material.

As I Was Wand'ring; Weary Waiting; Loch Lomond; Harriet Tubman; Mother Glasgow; Dusty Miller Set; Canaan's Land; Tibbie Fowler O' The Glen; Martinmas Time; The Slave's Lament; The Cooper O' Cuddy; Fareweel Tae Tarwathie.

Scots songs, traditional music, female folk singers.

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