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Led by harp player Corrina Hewat - Young Tradition Award finalist. The music on this album is a joy. A fusion of many aspects of folk and jazz, with piano, guitar, fiddle, bass & percussion adding to the Celtic harp... a magical blend of the familiar and the exotic!

"If you take a chance on something new this year, make it Bachué Café!" Living Tradition Magazine CD Review.

Morrison's Jig; Intermediate Fiddler; Lassie Lie Near Me; Roslin Castle; Waltzing For Dreamers; Jig For D.G.; Auchindoon; Jade's Cat; Are You Sleeping, Maggie?; Caroline's Dance; Icarus; Brenda Stubbert's Reel.

Bachue [ba-shoo-ey] Two or more musicians; many strings - mix of traditional & contemporary. Often mispronounced - not a Gaelic word!

Corrina Hewat - harp & voice
David Milligan - piano
With Guests:
Brian Shiels - Double Bass
Davy Cattanach - Percussion
Iain Fraser - Fiddle
Mairi Campbell - Viola

"Utterly dynamic.. .richly imaginative handling of traditional Scots Music" Rambles Online.

"Ever wondered what Billie Holliday would have sounded like if she had been born Scots?" The Living Tradition CD Review.

"Glorious cascades of sound.. .powered by both players' dazzlingly nimble fingerwork .." The Scotsman

"refreshingly enjoyable album" Inverness Courier.

Stylish, sophisticated, lever-flippin’ good! Young Tradition Award finalist Corrina Hewat plays the harp like an angel… albeit a seductively funky one! With a lightly smoky voice and a superb fingering technique, Corrina slips between the traditional folk harp repertoire, jazz slides and interpretational chordings with a silken ease.
Corrina’s expertise is underpinned by the talents of David Milligan on piano and guitar, with luminous viola, fiddle, bass and percussion enhancing the atmosphere. The jazz element of this album is strongly present, in excellent proportion to the traditional. Reels, jigs and strathspeys are here too, superbly interpreted, but perhaps the interpretational highlight is Corrina’s throaty rendition of Lassie Lie Near Me, which would surely have Burns on his knees at her feet…or higher!

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