Anne Roos - Mermaids & Mariners



Anne Roos - Mermaids & Mariners CD and book. The gorgeously presented and illustrated book about sea-faring also houses a CD of Celtic tunes of a sea-faring nature. Nearly an hour of music led by Anne's lovely harp playing, along with Dorothy Hawkinson on fiddle, Alan Fuller on guitar, Michael Frost on viola and Riggy Rackin on concertina.

The Mermaid's Tears; Metal Man; I'll Cross The Stormy Sea; Who Can Sail Without The Wind?; Adieu Mon Chou; Ger The Rigger; The Seas Are Deep; Shanghai Brown; Jacky Tar; Arran Boat Song; Maid On The Shore; Steering By Aldebaran; The Mermaid's Song; High Barbary; The Bold Princess Royal.

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