Anna Murray - Into Indigo



Fifteen tracks of piping and Gaelic singing by the brilliant Anna Murray and friends. If you have never heard her - you should!

"This quietly sensational album from a young Scots Gaelic singer and instrumentalist. Masterful on the Highland pipes and small pipes, Murray coaxes rare emotional expression from her instruments, and has the backing of a full band and benefit of highly original arrangements to effectively soften that old accessibility question". Q Magazine.

Anna was brought up on the Isle of Lewis. She learned from a young age to sing in her native language of Gaelic and started to play the highland bagpipes at ten. She plays the small pipes, the highland pipes and is a noted Gaelic singer. Anna has taught both the small pipes and singing in the United States.

Finbarr Saunders/Gaol Na H-Oige; Na Goisidich/Tar The House/The Ness Pipers; Saoil A’Mhor; Dolina Mackay/The Ballivanich/The Brown Haired Maid; An Ribhinn Bhoidheach; Southpark House/Tarruing Teann An Crios/Kenin’s Celtic Chasm; Mairead Nan Cuiread; The Hazy Day/Zeto The Bubbleman/The Last Tango In Harris; An Deidh’s Mo Mhealladh; Braigh Loch-Iall/Miss Campbell Of Sheerness/The Atlantic Bridge; A Ghaoil Saoil Am Faigh Mi Thu’/Hacking Windows; Crann Tara/Alasdair Oig Mhic’ic Neacail; Gad Ionndrainn.

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