Andy M Stewart - Man In The Moon



Andy M Stewart was the lead singer in the Scottish super band Silly Wizard. On Man In The Moon CD he shows why he is one of the best - superb singing and playing throughout. The album contains a mix of the familiar and less well-known material. Great arrangements with some sparkling, fresh treatments that just get better and better with repeated hearing.

"Seriously this is an absolute stonker of an album". Living Tradition Magazine.

The Echo Mocks The Corncrake; Island Of Sorrows; The Gaberlunzie Man; The Man In The Moon; Kathy Anne's Waltz; Listen To The People; Sweet King Williams Town; The Errant Apprentice; Macgregor's Gathering; The Lakes Of Pontchartrain; Land O' The Leal.

One of the best male folk singers on the Scottish traditional music scene.

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