Andrew McCowan - Fling Time



Andrew McCowan plays the bagpipes for Highland dancers on this CD "Fling Time". A great selection of the most popular Highland dances. Recommended for use in association with The Medal Tests of the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance.

Highland Fling 4; Sword Dance 2 & 1; Sword Dance 2 & 2; Seann Truibhas 3 & 1; Hullachan; Strathspey & Reel Of Tulloch; Reel Of Tulloch; Flora MacDonald's Fancy 4; Scottish Lilt 4; Sailor's Hornpipe 4; Irish Jig 4; Highland Fling 6; Sword Dance 3 & 1; Seann Truibhas 4 & 2; Strathspey & Highland Reel; Wilt Thou Go To Barracks Johnnie 4; Highland Laddie 4; Argyll Broadswords; Sailor's Hornpipe 5; Irish Jig 6.

Traditional Scots music for Highland dancing played on the bagpipes.

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