Alison McMorland - Cloudberry Day



Alison McMorland's album Cloudberry Day is a worthy addition to the 'Tradition Bearers' series. Nothing beats a singer who has absorbed the tradition and sings with a profound sense of the worth and beauty of the songs. "She has a voice that shines like the dawn of a new day".

"Alison has always been a favourite singer of mine and this album confirms the reasons why". The Living Tradition Magazine.

Born in Clarkston (1940) she soon moved to Strathaven where she was brought up on the traditional singers of the North East. In 1970 she sang her first gig at the Irvine Festival, and followed that by winning the women's traditional trophy at Kinross Folk Festival.

She presented BBC Radio's 'Listen With Mother' for a number of years, and then became a Traditional Folk Arts Lecturer in Strathclyde.

Norman Chalmers - Concertina
Derek Hoy - Fiddles
Kirsty Potts - Vocals

Traivellers Joy; Sailin's A Wearie Life; Edom O' Gordon; Be Guid Tae Me; The Twa Sisters; Twa Years Ower Young; Hap And Row; The Flyting O' Life And Daith; Skippin' Bar'fit Through The Heather; Belt Wi Colours Three; Pullin Hard Against The Stream; Cloudberry Day.

Scots songs, traditional music, by a highly regarded female folk singer.

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