Alasdair White - An Clar Geal (The White Album)



Alasdair White (the Battlefield Band fiddler)has created an exceptionally compelling CD of deep, rich fiddle music, with bouzouki, bass, pipes, harp, piano, guitar & whistles all playing a well-orchestrated part. Brilliant music, superb production and a very neat informative CD booklet too.

"A startlingly mature musician with a splendidly earthy fiddle tone". Glasgow Herald.

The Weatherman; The Cockerel In The Creel; J. Glo's Hornpipe; Leaving Glendale; The Bird's Nest; The Kirkpatricks Of Iona; An Draigheann; Ziri Piri; Joe Wilson; The Amorous Lover; Oran A' Chaiora; Sleepy Maggie.

Alasdair White is already well known as Battlefield Band’s virtuoso fiddle player. In these past four or five years, his musicianship and tune making have had a great influence on the bands repertoire and continuing success, and playing with Battlefield Band has given him that wider audience that his music deserves. Now aged 23, having been highly regarded and talked about since his early teens, An Clàr Geal is his first solo album

Alasdair grew up on the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, where Gaelic language and music remain important influences on the culture of the Islands and Scotland in general. For those fiddle enthusiasts among you, he plays in what might be called a “North-west” Scottish style, heavily derived from the piping tradition. For those that love just good music, then Alasdair’s playing and tune making offer a privileged panorama of the exciting traditional music of Scotland today.

Alasdair plays fiddle and whistles on this album and is also joined by Aaron Jones (bouzouki, bass guitar), Ewen McPherson (guitar, tromb, mandolin, banjo), Mike Katz (Scottish small pipes, highland pipes), Iain Copeland (percussion), Russell Hunter (piano) & Alison Kinnaird (Scottish harp)

"Alasdair is an extraordinary musician and composer" The Observer.

"..Alasdair White, the astonishingly talented young fiddle from Lewis." fRoots.

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Scots music, traditional music, fiddling music.

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