The age-old traditional craft of cutting, bending, and polishing horn has been carried on by Abbeyhorn for centuries. The business was established in 1749!! Based in Lancashire they have been using many of the same craft techniques for generations. Their range includes cow or ox-horn, and stag antler items made into spoons, shoe-horns, combs and brushes and the hugely popular tankards and drinking horns reminiscent of scenes from Outlander or Game of Thrones.
Abbeyhorn Oxhorn Porridge Spoon
Tape Measure - Oxhorn from Abbeyhorn Stockist Scotland
Horn French Mustard Spoon
Abbeyhorn Soldier's Horn Mug With Tapered Handle light
Oxhorn small round bowl
Real Oxhorn Shoehorn 40 c
Horn Egg Spoons Set of 6
Abbeyhorn Small Pewter & Oxhorn Quaich
Abbeyhorn Pewter & Horn Quaich
Whisky tots Set of 2 boxed
Oxhorn whisky tot
Oxhorn wavy square tray
Oxhorn Tea Caddy Spoon
Abbeyhorn Oxhorn Flat Shoehoe with handle 2-10
Abbeyhorn oxhorn salt spoon
Abbeyhorn Oxhorn Jam Spoon
Abbeyhorn Cufflinks  ellipse
Abbeyhorn Oxhorn & Badger Bristle Shaving Brush