Lots of easy additions to the stocking stash - good old-fashioned toys that have stood the test of time.
Adventurer's Pocket Magnifying Glass
Adventurer's Whistle
Cath Kidston Pets Party Set of 6 Pencils
Cath Kidston Dragon Novelty Shaped Notepad
Jacks: The Classic Playground Game Of Skill And Fun
Metal Kazoo
Metal Kazoo £3.99
Modelling Clay
Pets Party Pencil Sharpener
Cath Kidston Pets Party Shaped Sticky Notes
Pop Gun
Pop Gun £3.50
Skipping Rope with Striped Handles
Wooden Slide Whistle
Slide Whistle £2.99
Bukowski Bears - Soft Toy White Kitten - Guccio
Twisty Mix-ups Puzzle
Teeth-marks Bookmark - award winning gift
Unicorn Horn Headband in box