The cleverly designed slot-together ornaments from Miho are hugely popular in our shop. They come flat-packed but are very easy to assemble - just push out the pieces, slot together, and hold in place with a neat rubber ring. No glue or tools required.

The most popular lines are the colourful Miho deer heads and bird houses. Most of the items can be wall mounted or displayed on a table-top or shelf. The deer heads make and unusual stag themed gift for a dear friend.

The products are designed in Italy and made in Germany using eco materials and non-toxic colouring.

Miho Trophy Roe - My Pleasure
Miho Stags Head Big Deer Trophy - Parade
Miho Deer Head Trophy - Lovers' Oak
Miho Deer Head Trophy Breaking News
Miniature Trophy Deer - Bonsai
Deer Head Ornament - The Runner
Roe Deer Head Ornament - Flower Blow-up
Miho Deer Head Ornament In The Pines
Miho Stags Head Trophy Deer - Blossom
Miho Deer Head Trophy join the club
Miho Deer Head Trophy - Hello Stranger
Trophy Deer - King Deer
Miho Stags Head Big Deer Jeans - The Emperor
Miho Stags Head Trophy Deer - Tres Chic