Trousers, jeans, culottes & leggings from your Highland Masai Clothing stockist. Their cut is always generous & flattering - so we usually sell out very quickly when the new season comes in to our shop in Beauly.
Masai Clothing Parissi Capri Trousers in Cement 193063360-7180 front
Masai Clothing Poppy Capri in Navy front
Masai Clothing Penny Trousers in Sea Spray 193108862-3287 front
Masai Clothing Pen Culotte in Boysenberry 192803867-6180 front
Masai Clothing Primitiva Trousers in Stone
Masai Clothing Primitiva Navy Trousers 900101936-2000-front
Masai Clothing Petra Culotte in Stone front
Masai Clothing Pen Black Trousers 174801850-0001-front
Masai Paraki Trousers Navy Denim