Dassie Artisan was set up by husband and wife team David and Roxi Zeeman, who we met at a trade fair in Paris. We were impressed by their fair and honest ethos, and their drive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  They import Fairtrade gifts and tableware from talented craftsmen and craftwomen in Africa. As well as the beautiful pale pink "beetroot" handmade crockery that we immediately fell in love with they have chunky stoneware mugs, and quirky glassware.
Dassie Artisan Ani Wine Glass Pink SHU014
Dassie Artisan Beetroot Espresso Cup BPC194
Dassie Artisan Beetroot Salad Bowl BPC154
Dassie Artisan Fennel Carafe BPC150
Dassie Artisan Fennel Jug BPC166
Dassie Artisan Fennel Nibbles Bowl BPC152
Dassie Artisan Fennel Tableware Dinner Plate
Artisan Fennel Plates From £11.99
Dassie Artisan Ebele Coffee Filter - Linen
Dassie Artisan textured Raashi Mugs selection stack
Dassie Artisan Marble Two Tone Paddle Board White SUD004