Five Reasons Why You will Love Your Rowallan Leather Bag!

We have been selling Rowallan of Scotland Leather handbags, purses and wallets since 2014, choosing the best of their collection each season. Based on this experience we outline here what it is about Rowallan that is unique and precisely why you will love your Rowallan Bag. You can make your purchase with us, knowing that you are purchasing a genuine Rowallan piece, from an approved stockist, based right here in The Highlands of Scotland.

Our video review shows, in details, one of our favourite ranges this year, namely our luxe-leather Sultan leather handbags

1. Your Rowallan Leather Bag will get better and better with age! This year we have invested in Rowallan’s Sultan leather bag range and one of the reasons for this is the excellent quality of the leathers that Rowallan has used. From personal experience we can confirm that, as you use your bag, you will enjoy how the leather ages over time becoming more characterful, with the natural grain of the leather showing through. 

Large Sultan of Rowalln Leather Handbag

2. Forget About Rummaging Around in Your Bag! If you are the type of person who likes to be organised and detests having to rummage around in your bag for your keys or your purse, you will love the people at Rowallan! They have cleverly designed each bag to incorporate just the right number of internal and external pockets and compartments. Some of the bags even have an extra deep pocket which can run the whole depth of the bag, with or without a zip. This is perfect for the placement of iPads, magazines, newspapers or important documents such as travel documentation. Rowallan also inserts smaller zipped pockets, perfect for valuable, smaller items. So, no more rummaging around which is really helpful!

Sultan Tan Rope Handbag by Rowallan on a Model

3. You Can Wear It Exactly As You Want. You really can wear a Rowallan Sultan leather bag as you like because each one comes with an additional leather strap which can be clipped onto the bag. This allows you to wear your chosen style either over your shoulder or on your arm (depending on the design) AND with the optional leather strap which allows you to convert your bag into an "across the body" bag. Each leather strap comes with attached clasps. When not in use, simply pop the strap into you bag or, if not required, simply leave at home.

Choose the Right Rowallan Handbag for your Height and Shape

4. There is a Style to Flatter Your Body Shape. Within the Rowallan Sultan leather range there is a shape and size of bag to suit all body shapes. On the neater side, we have a lovely Sultan tan Leather Shoulder bag measuring approximately 30 x 26 x 10 cm. Conversely, we also have a beautiful, large Sultan Rope Handle bag which is a whopping 36 x 34 x 12 cm. Both are elegant and timeless. If you would like advice on the right shape for you, please do feel free to contact us at the shop or email us on On our website we have put up many photos of the bags as worn by a "real person". We hope this will give you an idea as to how each bag might look on you.

Inside a Rowallan Tan Leather Curved Handbag

5. What Is Inside is Just As Beautiful as The Outside! It’s easy to see how lovely a Rowallan Bag is in the passing. The leathers and shapes are divine. However, the inside is just as lovely because the Sultan range has been lined with excellent, hard wearing canvas-cotton in a complementary colour way and with various leather finishings and matching zips. Perhaps this part of the story is “for your eyes only” but the details really DO matter! 

We do hope you enjoyed reading this as we try our utmost to provide as much information as possible to our customers about our quality products. We know that this helps you choose the best product to suit your lifestyle - we really are here to help!


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