Mull's High Bens To Ireland's Green Glens



Mull's High Bens To Ireland's Green Glens is the soundtrack from the video of the same name. Reels, airs, jigs and a few songs played by Donny & Diane's Highland Ceilidh Band and The Full Steam Ahead Ceilidh Band, vocals by Iain Barrie.

Donal Abu; Lilting Banshee; Twa Recruiting Sergeants; Spancil Hill; MacGregor Of Rora; Carrickfergus; Scotch Reel; Donnie And Eileen Campbell's Jig; The Stacks Of Barley; Horo My Nut Brown Maiden; Home Boys Home; Londonderry Air; Alex Fraser's March; The Hills Of Kerry; Mist Covered Mountains.

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