Christina Stewart - Haunting



In Christina Stewart's Haunting you enter the eerie otherworld of the supernatural through Scottish oral tradition in 14 songs mirrored by 14 spoken tracks on a double CD. Christina Stewart is joined by singers Christine McClenaghan and Alpin Stewart, musicians, storyteller & seanchaidh.

Blow Ye Winds Blow; Nighean Nan Geug; Tam Glen; Da Laimh Sa Phiob; Binnorie; Oran Na Maighdainn Mhara; The Grey Selkie; Oran Leannan Sidhe; Lord Lovat; Fine Flowers In The Valley; Bonn Beinn Eadarra; True Thomas; Thig Am Bata; Annie Of Lochroyan; The Kings Three Questions; Guardian Ghost; Divining For Love; Two Hands For The Pipes; The Brist-Bane Harp; The Sisters Of Loch Duich; Selkies And Grey Seals; The Fairy Lover; Echoes Of The Future; The Accusing Ghost; The Headless Corpse; Encounters With Fairies; The Boat Will Come; The Laggan Witch.

Scots songs, traditional music, female folk singer.

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