Alyth McCormack - People Like Me



People Like Me is an album of traditional, Gaelic and contemporary material - each arrangement perfectly balanced by Alyth McCormack's beautiful voice. Great songs by Boo Hewardine, Suzanne Vega and Justin Currie (of Del Amitri), and a stellar list of special guests.

"Her voice is spine tingling". Time Out.

"Sensitive, dynamic, revealing". The Scotsman.

"Alyth loves singing and lets you know that without telling you, you can hear it in her voice." Norman Calmers, The List

A partly Gaelic / Celtic folk, acoustic subtle and charming album, modern and traditional songs combine to great effect.

Nuair Bha Mi Og; The Queen And The Soldier; The Vices Set; The Beautiful Lie; Dh'fhag E Gun Chadal Am Dhusgadh Mi; Neptune; A Mhairead Og; Till Morning Will Come; Chainil Mi Raior Air An Airigh; I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight; A Smuggler's Prayer; Mo Ghaol Oigfhear A Chuil Duinn; People Like Me.

Scots songs, traditional music, female folk singer.

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