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Two time BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year finalist, Lorne MacDougall is one of Scotland's leading young pipers. Hello World consists of traditional and contemporary tunes and styles with a stellar supporting cast including guitar-wizard Martin Simpson, Brian McNeill (fiddle), Adam Brown (bodhran), Ross Kennedy (guitars), Duncan Lyall (bass), James MacKintosh (percussion), and more.

The Gravel Walk; Waltz Of Slurs; Lament For Small Isles Bay; Mok Music Festival Reels; Trip To Aviles; Hello World; John Paterson's Mare; Fisherman's Dream; Learning To Fly; MacDougall's Gathering; The Magic Flute.

Born and brought up in Carradale, in the piping stronghold of Kintyre, Lorne was awarded a BA in Scottish Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2005. He has performed at many local and international festivals and has also been involved in a number of recordings, including UK Top 40 hits and albums achieving platinum disc status. 

Pipe Major Robert Mathieson (Shotts and Dykehead Caledoinia Pipe Band) says of Lorne: The piping style of Argyllshire is something that never seems to go out of vogue. Its timeless appeal can be found on the ancient styles of the traditional music but as heard on this recording it can also be successfully fashioned to suit the most contemporary cutting edge piping, without compromising the technique or integrity of the bagpipe. Lorne MacDougall forges his very own style of music and compositions but also seems to keep true to his Argyllshire roots in his music delivery, passion and originality of the music. This is a pipers' portfolio that embraces the past but still manages to drive forward the pipe music of the future and like his piping the future is bright.

Murray Gold, Film and TV composer, says: Lorne MacDougall is a very talented musician to be sure. His pipes have joy and life breezing out of them and I can't help feeling a swelling in the heart whenever I bear his ancient trilling and galloping and swirling coming out of the speakers. His music is often loud and foot-stompingly fast, sometimes introspective and almost always capable of evoking distinctively Highland landscapes and ancient Celtic rites. He plays four instruments on this collection: the weighty Highland bagpipe, the quieter Border pipes, the more transparent small pipes and a delightful. whistle. Whether in the bravura energy of Gravel Walk' or the bewitching By Cooder-ish tex-celtic `Lament for the Small Isles' or the title track, which somehow brings a touch of Brazilian influence and lightness to the table, Lorne is always in control of his sound and listening to the other players around him.
Surely such praise defies any further comment on Lorne as a musician, in particular as a piper, and as a composer.

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Traditional Scots music played on the bagpipes.

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