Andrew Warren - The Power And The Passion



Multi-instrumentalist Andrew plays accordion, Highland pipes & smallpipes, and he composes brilliant tunes. Scottish accordion & pipes this may be, but it's bound to win over even those who can't stand either. Flowing compositions with hypnotic phrasings. Smooth, suave, powerful indeed!

"A very accomplished accordionist and highland and small pipes player." Box & Fiddle Magazine.

Tinker And The F.B.I.; King Robert The Bruce; The Richmond Ice-House; The Confidante; The Hangman's Noose; Mrs Isabella Coull; Dance With The Wall; The Pride Of Miss Jean Brodie; The Sheepwife; Demtel; Duke Street.

If you like Bagpipe music you can check out our Piping CD collection.

and more from the Shielburn Label.

Traditional Scots music played on the bagpipes.

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