Filska - Time And Tide



Filska's second album has met with great acclaim, and secured them performances at festivals across Europe and North America. Based around three prize-winning Shetland fiddlers "playing with depth, verve and confidence".

Bunjie's Dilemma; Lexie McAskill; Tom's Lost The Keys; The One Inch Trowel; Milltimber Jig; Lady Montague; Guzzle Together; Song For Paul; Troy's Wedding; Monday Morning; Brenda Stubbert's Reel; Dunns Dings Aa; The Water Is Wide.

 "A masterpiece and possibly one of the finest contemporary albums to come out of Shetland yet." The Shetland Times.

Jenna Reid - fiddle, Gemma Wilson - fiddle, Bethany Reid - fiddle, Andy Brewer - flute, Joyce Reid - piano, Andrew Tulloch - acoustic & bass guitars.

The old Shetland word 'filska' means mischievous and high spirited,... an appropriate name for an established band whose members are even now only in their teens!

The tremendous depth of their musical maturity is augmented by the energy and fresh approach only youth can bring. Filska's skill and innovative arrangements have brought them acclaim in traditional music circles, as they have performed in folk and fiddle festivals in Shetland, Orkney and the Scottish mainland.

Jenna, Bethany and Gemma, the three fiddlers of Filska, prominent prize-winners in Shetland's prestigious Young Fiddler Of The Year competition, are now joined by the gifted flute and whistle player Andy Brewer, and Andrew Tulloch on acoustic and bass guitars, all under the auspices of Joyce Reid on piano.

New lift and new direction on this new album, yet still the Shetland sound in Filska's own fine fiddle tradition.

What Phil Cunningham had to say:
"I met Filska two years ago when they were my guests on Cunningham and Company. I thought they were great then. ..I think they are even better now and I can only foresee big things for them in the future. They play with accuracy, innovation and maturity generally reserved for players twice their age. This offering from Filska will win them many fans, they already have my vote and if their progress in the last two years is anything to go by... roll on the next few years!!"

"Giving the boys a run for their money" Highland Festival.

"Filska are on the crest of a wave" John Robertson.

"well worth my waiting to get a copy to review for the sheer energy and quality that Filska have to offer." Living Tradition CD Review.

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Scots music, traditional music, fiddling music.

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