Duncan Chisholm - Black Cuillin



Black Cuillin is the new release from the fiddle maestro himself: Duncan Chisholm. The soulful music draws its inspiration from the mountain wilderness on the Isle of Skye. Richly evocative, ‘Black Cuillin’ tells of a dream journey through this landscape over a day and a night. This is truly the music of the high mountains, the music of the skies and the stars.’

Exquisite playing as always from Duncan on fiddle with Ross Ainslie (whistles), Hamish Napier (piano & keyboard), Donald Shaw (piano & keyboard), Ross Hamilton (electric guitar & bass), Patsy Reid (fiddle), Martin O'Neill (bodhran), Jarlath Henderson (uilleann Pipes), Malcolm Jones (electric guitar), and strings by Clockwork Sessions. 

Most of the tunes are written by Duncan himself, often in collaboration with Ross Ainslie and Hamish Napier. Some other tunes were written by Iain MacFarlane, Donald Shaw, Hamish Napier and Phil Cunningham.

Black Cuillin; On The Winds Of Chaos Born; To The High Mountains; Beneath The Fortress; Miorbhail Nam Beann (The Marvel Of The Mountains); Deep Air / No Gods No Masters; Dusk On The Cuillin; The Blue Cuillin Of The Island; Constellation; Before The Sun Comes; The Razors Edge; When The Snow Melts.

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