Rob Gordon & His Band - Country Dance Ceilidh Dance



One of the great dance bands.. .hugely popular in their hey-day! Rob's inimitable romping reels, jaunty jigs and swinging strathspeys.. . make up your sets!

"With infectious bounce & impressive precision, the band has a delightful way with a slow strathspey." Inverness Courier

Ellwyn's Fairy Glen; Welcome To Queen's Cross (S4x48); Off She Goes In The North; Seann Truibhas Willichan; The Reel Of Five (M32/32); Maxwell's Rant; Waltz Country Dance; Tribute To The Borders; Garry Strathspey; Teviot Brig (J8x24); The Gay Gordons; Hesitation Waltz; The Maxima; Dinkie One-Step.

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