Scottish Homeland 3CD



Discover the unique and historic sounds of Scotland with this 3CD collection! From the world famous Scottish Fiddle Orchestra to regimental bagpipes, each song transports you to your "Scottish Homeland" and provides a taste of traditional Scottish folk music. Unpack your kilt and take a musical journey that celebrates Scotland's rich culture and heritage!

Ceud Mile Failte; Dunoon Barn Dance; The Grand March; Piping Hot; Andy Mackay's Farewell To Tayside; The Braes Of Ballochmyle; Flowers Of Edinburgh; Eight Men Of Moidart; Archie Mckinlay; The Bugle Call; Loch Lomond; Waltz Country Dance; Skye Boat Song; Eightsome Reel; Bovaglie's Plaid; Flower Of Scotland; The Cumberland Reel; Gay Gordons; Kilworth Hills; The Hills Of Galloway; Auld Lang Syne; Whistling Rufus; 6/8 Marches; A.A. Cameron; March Of The Cellos; The Bonnie Wells O' Wearie; Pride Of Erin Waltz; Mist Covered Mountains; The Orkney Two Step; Strip The Willow; Blackthorn Stick; The St Johnstoun Reel; Duke Of Perth; Brigadier Snow; Swinging Reels; Dark Lochnagar; Circassian Circle; Macdonald Of The Isles; The Rowan Tree; Mcfarlane O' The Sprots; Bluebells Of Scotland; St Bernard's Waltz; Scotland The Brave; Polkas; Scottish Waltz.

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