Brandon McPhee - Scottish Champion CD



Brandon McPhee is the Scottish Accordion Champion, and nos urprise when you here him play on this and his other CDs. He is an absolute master of the Shand Merino and has been wowing audiences since he was young, not even a teenager!! This CD has 19 tracks showing his wide ranging abilities in all tempos of Scottish and Irish traditional music.

Edwin Flaws of Wire; Miss Elspeth Campbel / Brandon McPhee of Castletown; The Stone Outside Dan Murphys Door / If You Ever Go To Ireland / Shoe The Donkey / Doonaree; Tekeli / The Devil In Dublin / The Reel Of May / Nora Crionna; Annes Reel / The Apple Tree / Peerie Hoose Ahint The Burn / The Plough And The Stars; Shannon’s Smile; Bill Black of Stanley / Arlene Bowrie / Jim Money; Peter Pratts Polka / Jimmy O’ The Bus Polka; The Cuckoo Waltz; The Thief Of Lochaber / Alan MacPherson Of Moss Park / Paddys Leather Breeches / The Curlew; Miss Rowan Davies; The 79th Farewewll To Gibralter / Captain Norman Orr Ewing; The Osstkaa Waltz; Happy Hours; Bengullion / Macleod Of Mull; John Crawfords Waltz; John Carmichaels Farewell To Scotland / Ian Powries Farewell To Scotland; The Dark Island; McGuires Welcome To Fermanagh / Billy McGuires Reels / Wing Commander Donald Mackenzies Reel / Roberta’s Reel.

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