Gracie J Jewellery is the brand developed by Jackie Selcraig.. She is self-taught and launched the brand in 2006. She also created the brand Modjool which we stock in our shop here in Beauly. All the distinctive pieces are hand-made in the Scottish Borders and offer great design at affordable prices. They are playful designs of colour and form using a variety of materials.

Gracie J Colour – These colourful pieces are made using beads with matt or enamel finishes and are designed for everyday wear.They feature fine leather and trademark fastenings.

Modjool - Modern statement jewellery that can be worn singly or mixed and matched. The materials include colourful plastic tubing, silver, magnetic fasteners, aluminium and ceramic beads.


Ice 3 Bead 18 Necklace - Red
Modjool 18" Chocker With Bolt black
Modjool Click Bangle selection
Modjool Mosaic Earrings
Modjool Pop Interchangeable Necklace
Moonchip Block Earrings Grey
Gracie J - Moonchip Block Lime Earrings
Moonchip Block Necklace - Red
Moonchip Block Red Long Necklace
Moonchip Block White 18" Necklace
Moonchip Block Earrings White
Coloured Moonchip String Heather
Shape 1 Ocean Square Necklace
Shape 1 Olive Circle Necklace
Shape 1 Red Circle Necklace
Shape 1 Turqoise Triangle Necklace
Gracie J - Silver Tube Ring - Large
Vega Black Earrings