The Lullaby Album: Beneath Stars & Moon



This album of soothing songs starts brightly and gets ever more gentle. Get baby to drift off to the quieting melodies of Gill Bowman’s vocals and guitar, and Siannie Moodie’s captivating clarsach. This stunning musical journey will help you and your baby drift away into a comfy, peaceful sleep.

Through The Looking Glass; Hush Little Baby; Red Shiny Shoes; Lady Lodian’s Lilt; Warmer Than the Sun; The Fairy Lullaby; Snoozy Zach; Dream Angus; The Seamaws Lullaby; Finn MacHuill (Finn is Cool); In A Green Wooded Glen; Miss Annie Robertson of Dingwall; Eriskay Love Lilt; Bonny At Morn; Celestial Lullaby; Can Ye Sew Cushions?; Tune For Sunny; Golden Slumbers; Titania’s Midsummer Lullaby; I See the Moon; A Gaelic Child’s Lullaby.

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