Brian O hEadhra - An t-Allt



An t-Allt is a CD of contemporary and traditional songs from one of Gaeldom's finest singers, and founder member of highly successful band Anam. Some self-penned songs, some translated from Irish to Scottish Gaelic and a few others.

"He's an accomplished musician. But what makes him stand out is the sensuality in his voice". fRoots Magazine.

Fathainn; Tri Rionnagan Beaga; Take This Moment; Peigi Is Peadar; Caidil Ri Mo Thaobh; Tha Mi Nam Shuidh; Now Your're Gone; Cha Tig Mor Mo Bhaean Dhachaigh; Fonn Fhinn; Kjetil's Song; Crionadh An La; Is Truagh Nach d'Rugadh Dall Mi.

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