Amazing Animal Atlas Of Scotland



Amazing Animal Atlas Of Scotland is a colourful introduction to the animals of Scotland. The beautifully presented book is full of fun facts, vibrant illustrations and maps showing where to spot these wonderful creatures. Young conservationists will love exploring Scotland's distinct habitats - sea and coast, mountains and forests, rivers and lochs, and grasslands - and learning about the incredible creatures that live there. These unique wild spaces are the ideal home for endangered creatures - some of which only live in Scotland.

Discover exciting facts about Scotland's most famous and best-loved animals including puffins, seals, red squirrels, golden eagles, otters and Scottish wildcats and reveal the amazing secret lives of unexpected creatures such as limpets, lizards, ants, eels, water voles and sharks! Alongside fascinating facts and insights, An Amazing Animal Atlas of Scotland offers practical tips on conservation to encourage children to engage with their natural surroundings and help these amazing animals to thrive.

Hardback 48 pages.

Approx: 22.9 x 31.7 cm.

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