50 Biology Ideas You Really Need to Know by J V Chamary



Get ready to have your mind blown with 50 Biology Ideas You Really Need to Know! Discover the fascinating world of life with concise and engaging essays covering topics from evolution to genetics to the mysteries of sleep. Explore classic experiments and the latest research in this fun and informative guide.

Contents include: Evolution, Genes, Homeostasis, Endosymbiosis, Sex, Multicellularity, Nerves, Genetic Drift, Speciation, Convergent Evolution, Pollination, Mimicry, Laws of Inheritance, DNA, Alternative Splicing, Viruses, Epigenetics, Photosynthesis, Cancer, Differentiation, Regeneration, Morphogenesis, Memory, Sleep, Ageing, Consciousness and the Gaia Hypothesis.

Hardback 208 pages.

Approx: 18.2 x 20.8 cm.

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