Angus MacDonald - We Fought For Ardnish



A new novel from the author of Ardnish Was Home. At the outbreak of WWII, Donald Angus Gillies is sent on a mission to the Alps with the Lovat Scouts. There he meets Francoise, a young French-Canadian SOE agent. The pair immediately form a close bond, but Francoise is injured and captured. After Donald’s desperate attempts to find her, they are reunited and plan to live together in his beloved Ardnish, but have one further mission to complete - a mission more dangerous than anything they have ever faced before.

256 pages. Approx: 13 x 19.8 x 1.8 cm.

Here is a wee video of Angus speaking about the Ardnish Trilogy, in our shop here in Beauly in the Highlands of Scotland.



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