RHS Botany For Gardeners by Mitchell Beazley



RHS Botany for Gardeners: The Art and Science of Gardening Explained & Explored.

RHS Botany for Gardeners is more than just a useful reference book on the science of botany and the language of horticulture - it is a practical, hands-on guide that will help gardeners understand how plants grow, what affects their performance, and how to get better results. Illustrated throughout with beautiful botanical prints and simple diagrams, RHS Botany for Gardeners provides easy-to-understand explanations of over 3,000 botanical words and terms, and show how these can be applied to everyday gardening practice.

For easy navigation, the book is divided into thematic chapters covering everything from Plant Pests, and further subdivided into useful headings such as 'Seed Sowing' and 'Pruning'. 'Botany in Action' boxes provide instantly accessible practical tips and advice, and feature spreads profile the remarkable individuals who collected, studied and illustrated the plants that we grow today. Aided by this book, gardeners will unlock the wealth of information that lies within the intriguing world of botanical science - and their gardens will thrive as a result.

This is the perfect gift for any gardener. Contents Includes... The Plant kingdom, Growth, Form and Function, Inner Workings, Reproduction, The Beginning of Life, External Factors, Pruning, Botany and the Senses, Pest, Diseases and Disorders, Botanists and Botanical Illustration... and much more!

Hardback 224 pages.

Approx: 17.7 x 23.4cm.

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