What the Heck is "Hygge" from The Old School Beauly

Yours truly is just back from a whistle stop tour of the Autumn Trade Shows and the totally trending theme this season is "Hygge".
Samantha Holmes Pom Pom Alpaca ScarvesFirst thing's first. What the heck is it and why should I give a flying fig leaf about it? Well, dear readers, let me tell you that Hygge (sort of pronounced "Hoogaa") is totally, 100%, brillianto because it basically describes the state of hibernation that many of us, the true blue Highlanders, enter into, once the weather turns cold and the central heating dial goes up a notch or three. 

Hygge is a Danish concept and it means creating a comforting, cosy environment around you (think "snuggly and warm") and enjoying the good things in life. In my case that would be an extra creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, served in my Nordic Sea Stoneware Mug, whilst lounging around in a super duper warm chunky Danish knitted jumper. Another essential element of Hygge is moody candle light. Yup, switch off the electrics (or if you are in The Highlands, just wait for the power to go out when the gale force winds get up). Then light those gorgeous candles and basically SLOW DOWN.

You'll be relieved to know that our shop is packed to gunnels with Hygge supporting essentials. We've even got a hunky Danish male model, with splendidly toned thighs, wearing nothing but faux fur loin cloth to help wrap up your gifts at the till.

Right. That last part is what we call a " Hygge fib" - Frederik is sporting a faux fur mankini, not a common as muck loin cloth. We have to keep up standards in Beauly after all. 

Just take a deep breathe and say "Hooooogaaa!"


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