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Bukowski Teddy Bears stockist in Scotland The Old School BeaulyHello! My Mum asked me to do a blog about Bukowski Bears of Sweden. They are super cuddly toys which I look after when I am in our shop in The Highlands of Scotland so I will tell you what I know about them.


Marshmallow and The Great Marshmallow 

MArshmallow the rabbit from Bukowski BearsMarshmallow is a white rabbit and is perfect for cuddling if you feel sad. Or in my case, if I feel any emotion whatsoever! She has a bow around her neck and her big ears are silky smooth and so are her ginormous feet. If you think that is good, the GREAT MARSHMALLOW is all of that but DOUBLE the size! She is 20 cm taller and even more plumptious! I would love to have a Great Marshmallow and I am working really, really hard on my Mum and Dad with my "Master Psychological War fare plan" to achieve this goal in 2020 but I am prepared to extend this into 2021 if need be. The Great Marshmallow is awesome. If you ever receive one of these, you must send me a letter and tell me how you did it!

Ziggy the Amazing Onesie Wearing Bear!

Ziggy the Cuddly Bear BukowskiZiggy the Hooded Bear Bukowski of Sweden

These are really special because they have hoods which you can pull off and put back on! How totally cool is that?

To be honest, they are really bears wearing a onesie! I have had so many onesies that I have loved over the years and these are literally replicas of me in bear form, about to go to bed. There is a ginger cat onesie, a white cat onesie, grey cat onesie and there are also animal onesies including an elephant with big ears and long trunk, a giraffe and a leopard. The leopard reminds me of my Mum because she wears a leopard dressing gown. To be honest, she wears leopard print most of the time. I think these are a very good price for a cuddly as they are £14.99.

Maciek, Gilbert, Little Maciek, Loke - the cats!

Maciek, ginger cat from Bukowski BEarsMy earliest memory of Bukowski was when I was about 5 years old. My Mum had been away at a Trade Show buying for the shop. When she came back she opened up her suitcase and took out a teeny weeny cuddly toy kitten called Maciek (which is pronounced "My Check"). However I called the little kitten "Paris" because that is where my Mum had just been. Since then, I have been given more of these cats, in lots of dfferent sizes and colours. Having different sizes and colours is great because I have created a family of cats, each with their own character and name.

Bukowski Loke the Kitty

The smallest kitten is called Loke. He is a super softy little kitten and costs £12.95 in our shop. I would say that this little kitten just needs to be loved at all times so, if you actually receive one of these, please, please, please be extremely kind to it.

Nobody Is Perfect Teddy Bear

Nobody's Perfect Teddy BEar Bukowski of SwedenI do not have this bear but I stroke it when I am in the shop because, although it is raggedy looking, it is actually one of the softest bears EVER. It also has a patch on its tummy which shows that it has had an injury, which makes me want to look after it even more. None of us is perfect but we all need to be loved just like this bear. My Mummy just said "Awwwwww!"




Ulysees and Princess 

Bukowski Soft Toys Poodle selection Ulysses & PrincessOnce we were skiing in France and I had some holiday money for the first time ever. I was a bit nervous about how best to spend the money when I spotted Princess, the pink poodle, on a shelf in a little ski-gift shop. I did not have enough money to buy her and for years, I kept on thinking about her. My Mummy knew she was made by Bukowski but Bukowski had stopped making them. So I was shocked when these poodles turned up in our shop in February this year! Ulysees and Princess are so amazing because they have very long hair which you can groom into a tidy unicorn horn or a fringe. If you are feeling messy, you can ruffle their hair so it is really untidy, and you can pretend they are head banging which is really cool.

Baby Hera, Baby Zeus, Hera, Zeus, Buster & Coco

Hera the Bunny Rabbit Bukowski BearsI have a real life pet rabbit called Fluffykins so I have a special connection with rabbits. Baby Hera is a small brown bunny and Baby Zeus is a small white bunny. They cost £10.99 and I quite often just pop them in my pocket when I visit my Grannie for they are small enough to put in a small pocket or bag. Hera and Zeus are bigger versions (£13.99) so unlikely to get lost in your bedroom if it is very untidy. Buster and Coco (£12,99) are so adorable for they are just flopped out, lying on their tummies, sort of like my real pet rabbit Fluffykins. Fluffykins lies on his tummy if the sun is shining and he has just eaten a delicious crunchy carrot. Some of these cuddly rabbits actually wear tiny stripey scarves which is a bonus.


Dennis & Bernard the Bukowski Monkeys!

Bernard the Monkey BukowskiDennis and Bernard are obviously monkeys so have the cheeky expression you would expect a monkey to have! I love the long arms and legs and curly tail and they have a lovely smile on their faces. My monkeys have a very cheeky character and are always up to mischief. The smaller monkeys are £18.95 and the bigger ones are £24.95 which I think is very good considering how mischevious, long and gangly they are.


Guardian Angel Baby Teddy

Guardian Angel Bukowski Bear with WingsGuardian Angel Bukowski Bear with Wings

These sweet angel bears  are so adorable, I can hardly bear it. By the way, that was a joke! Ha Ha!

They actually do have very plumptious wings and a matching scarf. They are small and soft with a chubby tummy that you can cuddle. If you believe in angels, which I think some people do, then you will really like these baby bears. 

Ho Ho The Owl




Ho Ho is soft Ho Ho The Owl Bukowski Bearsand snuggly owl which comes in two sizes and has a small beak made out of felt.These owls have big intelligent eyes and little wings. I don't really know much about them but I do enjoy tidying them in the shop whenever I get a chance, making sure they are all facing in the same direction. The small ones are £10.99 and the very, very big ones are £19.99. 

Hubert the Hedgehog


My extremely nice school teacher has been trying to encourage us to think about how we finish a story to try and keep the reader interested right until the end. So I just want to say that this is actually the best selling item on our website so I kept it for the end as a surprise!

Bukowski Teddy Bears Hubert Hedgehog Curled-upBukowski Teddy Bears Hubert Hedgehog lying flat

Huberts come in different sizes, some lying on their tunmmies and some curled up. They are very soft (not like a real hedegehog - ouch!) and they have wide smiles. It is really good fun piling one on top of the other like a hedgehog tower. They are priced from £8.99 to £13.99.

Well, I did my first ever blog about two weeks ago and lots of you have read it, so thank you! If you like this Blog as well and buy some things from our shop, I am sure to be asked to write another blog. I think it might be about jigsaws because I know we have lots more of them coming in soon. They sold out really quickly this week! If you have any other ideas for my Blog, please leave a comment here and let me know.

Bye for now and keep doing your school work!



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