Do What You Love This Christmas

We are totally committed to doing what we love, especially in the run up to Christmas and it really shows when you step into our shop! It's jam packed with life's little luxuries and gorgeous goodies, hand picked by us. Just in case you cannot travel to Beauly this season, here are a few of our Christmas must-haves, based on the fact that we totally love them and hope you will too!

Saskia Clothing navy and pale blue knitted tunic.We jump for joy when the temperatures go down because it means we can legitimately wrap up in the very cosiest of jumpers. We've got the most flattering styles in-store. This season we have collaborated with Saskia Clothing to create a range of knits designed to flatter as well as provide uber-cosiness. We have various shorter styles and longer tunics which can be teamed up with cosy leggings or warm tights and boots to give a casual and very flattering look. 

Fairfax and Favor navy suede regina heeled boots


Pull  on a pair of these beautifully crafted suede boots and you will be all set for winter-time. We have boots in a variety of colours and different heel heights. They lengthen the leg beautifully and are also suitable for the lady with sporting calves, given the discreetly hidden elasticated insert at the back of the boot.

If you prefer a shorter boot, check out our Chelsea boots - super on trend and beautifully crafted.

Samantha Holmes Alpaca Travel Shawls All you need is a super cosy and warm scarf and they don't come much better than the Samantha Holmes Alpaca travel shawl. These little babies even come with their own Alpaca bag, so, if you are travelling to visit family and friends this Christmas, you can pop it into it's bag and head off, knowing you have an extra layer on hand if needed. We have a good stock of colours in-store and online so enjoy browsing the range here.  

Ok. That's all from us now. We're off to polish our halos! 



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