Speeches That Changed Our Times



Speeches That Changed Our Times: From 1945 to the Present.

The great speeches since post-World War II to the present have marked eras and interpreted feelings, in a continuously evolving world, when faced with the eternal problems, like life and freedom, and also new challenges. Moving speeches with a great emotional impact, filled with ideas and values, sentences that have changed the course of history: Martin Luther King's 'dream', Churchill's 'iron curtain', Pope John XXIII's 'caress', Obama's 'new beginning'. Not only statespeople, but scientists, literary figures, entrepreneurs, courageous girls like Malala who asks that the new generations may be guaranteed the right to education.

A volume of 40 speeches, contextualized, explained and then given, in their fundamental passages, to enable the reader to immerse in those years.

Hardback 224 pages.

Approx: 24.4 x 40.5 cm.

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