Rob Gordon - Let's Go Scottish Country Dancing



Rob Gordon and His Scottish Dance Band - Let's Go Scottish Country Dancing Volume 1. Lovingly re-mastered from original vinyl recordings, these 15 Scottish Country dances show Rob Gordon and his band in fine form. The swing and lift of the music should have you tapping your feet, or twirling your partner.

"It is really good to hear the dances again. The Duchess Tree is a feast to savour..." The Reel. 

New Waterloo Reel; Miss Alison Rose; Miss Murray Of Lintrose; Lord Rosslyn's Fancy; Blue Mess Jacket; Mrs Hepburn Belches; Pretty Ladies; The Frisky; Trip To Bavaria; Duchess Tree; Lord Maclay's Reel; Golden Pheasant; Burns' Hornpipe; Miss Milligan's Strathspey; Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Comin'.

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