Perpetual Disappointments Diary



You don't need a new diary every year - as all years are basically the same! This Perpetual Disappointments Diary is "Cheeringly depressing" according to the Guardian. 

Created by Nick Asbury, the downbeat weekly journal for pessimists, stoics and losers everywhere, this is his most disappointing edition yet.

Ground yourself with Realistic Mindfulness Prompts, Demotivational Proverbs, Unhelpful Folk Rhymes, and reminders of Notable Deaths. Travel the world with Useful Phrases translated into four languages ('A table for one, please', 'I have destroyed my hire car') plus advice for surviving Even Worse Case Scenarios (fighting a crocodile while tired, surviving an elephant stampede while running into an ex). Fill an idle moment with a Boring Crossword, and overcome creative blocks using Bleak Strategies.

This may not be your year. But this is definitely your diary. 

Diary 352 pages.

Approx: 13.4 x 21.2 cm.

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