Gaelic Sounds Of Yesteryear



Gaelic Sounds Of Yesteryear is a compilation of Gaelic songs taken from old 78 rpm records - voices from the past are restored and re-released for your listening pleasure. The collection features Allan MacLean, James MacPhee, Morag MacDonald, Angus Whyte, J.M. Bannerman, Margaret MacInnes, Alasdair Matheson and the London Gaelic Choir.

An T-Eilean Mu Thuath; Suas I A Ghaidhlig; Eilean Mo Chridh; Birlinn Cholla Chiotaich; Thogainn Fonn Mo Leannain; Mo Nighean Donn; Caol Muile; Sa Choill' Ud Thall; Bi Fonn Oirre Daonnan; An Triall-Bainnse; Cumha Eilean A Cheo; Mo Leannan; Puirt-A-Beul; Mo Shuil Ad Dheidh.

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