Colin Dewar Scottish Dance Band - The Ruthven Collection Vol 2



Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band play for some more dances devised by Rob Sargent. The Ruthven Collection Volume 2 CD contains 17 dances with a mix of jigs, reels, strathspeys, a medley and Rob's speciality - hornpipes.

Royal Scot "Northward Bound" (4x48R); Wishworthy (8x32S); Deep Pool Reel(1x96R); The Shetland Gathering (5x48H); The Homecoming 2009 (4x32R); Strathnairn (8x32S); Duffus Lassie (4x48R); Inverness Highland Ball (M 8x(32S, 32R)); Up the Ben wi Eddie (4x32J); Colin Dewars Hornpipe (8x32H); A reel for Anne Chesterman of Cambuskenneth (4x40R); Cardean Strathspey (2x40S); Tae Gang Aboot (4x48R); Strathspey for the Black Watch (4x32S); Helen & Barclay Walkers Reel (4x40R); The Craggie Hornpipe (4x32H); Jessie Wisemans Reel (8x32J).

If you love dancing check out our full selection of Scottish Country Dance CDs.

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